Servings: 8

Cooking Time: 55 Min


1 oz. cocoa powder /30g

4 oz. butter /120g

7 oz. flour, sifted /210g

1 cup sugar /130g

¼ cup milk /62.5ml

2 eggs

1 tbsp honey /15ml

1 tsp vanilla extract /5ml

1 orange, juice and zest


4 oz. powdered sugar /120g

1 oz. butter, melted /30ml

1 tbsp milk /15ml

1 tbsp brown sugar/15g

2 tsp honey /10ml


1- In a bowl, mix the dry ingredients for the fudge. Mix the wet ingredients separately. Combine the two mixtures gently. Transfer the batter to а prepared Foodi basket. Close the crisping lid and cook for about 35 minutes on Roast mode at 350 °F or 177°C.

2-Once the timer beeps, check to ensure the cake is cooked. For the Topping: whisk together all of the icing ingredients. When the cake is cooled, coat it with the icing. Let set before slicing the fudge.